Spiritual Makeover is the passion and pursuit of relationship counselor, Dr. Pamela Stone. For Dr. Stone, a Spiritual Makeover means helping people--especially women--break free from the lies they've believed and live with passion as the people God intends them to be.


When she began following Christ in 1991, her understanding of how people change was radically altered. She realized that the most important factor in helping people change was the presence of the Healer--Jesus. She began to help people see who they are through the eyes of Christ.


Dr. Stone's life has always been about helping others, from her early work in deaf education, with a degree from Southern Methodist University, to her private practice as a counseling psychologist. She received her MA in counseling and her doctorate in counseling psychology from The University of Tulsa. A licensed psychologist since 1986, Dr. Stone has worked with individuals, couples and groups.

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"Dr. Stone is not only warm and engaging, but also has a great experience base and expertise.  She is an authority on the world of women and their emotional lives, and she does a great job of conveying what they need.  I highly recommend her work."

- Dr. John Townsend

"Pamela Stone possesses a rare combination of clarity, compassion, and thoughtfulness, as well as a graciousness that is endearing.  Her own journey has brought her to a place of deep insight into the lives of others.  I believe Dr. Stone has a unique voice for the church."

-Mark Oestreicher

"I have been privileged to work with Dr. Pamela Stone as a colleague for over fifteen years.  She has a rich background and experience in the transformation and healing of the lives of men and women - especially women.  She is a truly gifted and outstanding person.  Her presentations are warm and yet commanding; she quickly identifies with her listeners and they with her."

-The Right Reverend William J. Cox

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